COVID-19 Updates

Our top priority is the health and safety and wellness of our students, our families, and our staff. Please read more to learn about our approach and our plan for a safe reopening after our time being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) to operate our preschool program. EEC has developed protocols and requirements to ensure the health and safety of children, staff and families in early childhood programs. We will stay up to date with all current state health and safety guidelines and best practice standards, and adjust our own policies as needed.

We have devised the following procedures to protect everyone’s health:

  • We are fortunate to have a generous amount of space available for our use. This includes 3 classrooms that all contain large working windows. These provide beautiful natural light and allow for fresh air exchange into each classroom. We also have a large multi-purpose hall, which is a mostly empty room that can be configured and used in a variety of ways. We will be able to provide adequate distancing during classroom time and increased distancing during meal times and rest time when children will need to be unmasked.

  • We will ask that all children attending Russell Cooperative Preschool wear a mask during indoor play time. Children will remove masks during snacks and meals and during rest time.

  • Children will have seating and napping areas that provide safe separation from one another during meals and rest time. This may include increased distance within a room or separating groups of children into different rooms.

  • Children will have the opportunity to take mask-breaks to remove their masks during outdoor play time to provide the opportunity to run freely in the fresh air.

  • Staff will wear masks at all times.

  • We will use an organized staggered approach to drop off and pick up times so we can minimize contact between families. Families will be notified of drop off and pick up times.

  • Per EEC requirements, to reduce the possible spread of infection, families and others cannot enter the program. At the start of the day, children will be greeted at the outside entry door by a staff member and escorted into the classroom. At the end of the day, a staff member will escort children to an exit door where they will connect with their family member or caregiver.

  • We will provide a form for families to complete each morning that attests to their children's health

  • We will provide a nutritious snack mid-morning and children will bring their own healthy lunches. We will provide suggestions for snacks and meals in our Family Handbook and in notes throughout the school year.

  • We will be adhering to rigorous cleaning protocols including:

    • Regular and thorough handwashing of all participants in the program -- children and adults

    • Regular cleaning of all toys, materials and all program surfaces

    • Periodic deep cleaning of the entire program space

These health and safety procedures will be updated as needed and as required by the EEC. Families will be notified as soon as possible of any changes.